Show & Shine

From Honda’s in concourse condition up to the real show Honda’s, theShow & Shine competition contains a category for every style, type and year. Whether it’s Honda tuning related or a Honda yougtimer, all sorts of styles can be found at this activity. We have got a limited amount a places available, so if you want to assure yourself of participation, make sure to sign up in advance. Check the category overview and pick those categories in which you would like to participate with your Honda. Naturally, every category will have its own cup. So, make sure you sign up if you’re owning an unique Honda!

Show & Shine at both editions

The Show & Shine will be at both the HondaFest editions in 2017. A few of the categories will be the same at both editions. But since there will be different themes at each edition, the Show & Shine categories will be slightly different as well. This theme categories can only be found during one of the HondaFest editions. The overview of the categories at this Honda event in Meppen, can be found below. Please make sure that you’re singing up for max. 3 separate categories.

HondaFest show shine 01  HondaFest show shine 02

Standard categories

  • Best of Show / Judges Choice *
  • Best of Original
  • Best of Interior
  • Best of Cleanstyle
  • Best of Tuning
  • Best of Under the Hood

Extra categories - 10 September 2017

  • Best of Strictly S2000
  • Best of Retro Parade
  • Best of Integra Area

Sign up for the Show & Shine

To sign up for the Show & Shine, please copy the information below and send it per email to Alyssa (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Make sure you put “Show & Shine” in the subject of your email.

Honda type:
License plate:
Categories: (three max.)

Note: please include a clear picture of your Honda

* every Honda automatically participates in this category

Program - 10 september 2017

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HondaFest 2017 partners

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Track time

HondaFest vrijrijden 01
Always wanted to drive on a track, but never actually signed up for it? Book a track session during HondaFest Trackday and experience the thrill.


Strictly S2000

Strictly S2000 session
Are you bringing your S2000 to Meppen? Make sure to join the Strictly S2000 session on the track and drive amongst the other Honda S2000 owners.


Show & Shine

show shine meppen
Is your Honda a one of a kind model and do you believe it should win an award at the largest Honda event in Europe? Sign up for the Show & Shine! 


Kickdown Competition

HondaFest Kickdown 06
The Kickdown Competition is a popular activity amongst competitive Honda sprinters. Pre-register and be certain of a spot in the competition.