Kickdown competition

The StopTech Kickdown Competition is an activity (sprint competition) that will also take place at HondaFest in 2017. Participants must accelerate as fast as they can to a marked area, in which they must come to a complete standstill. It’s not only important how fast your Honda is, the precision of the contestant is also an important aspect. How good are you at estimating your braking distance? The fastest contestants will be selected and driving for cups. An interesting activity for the audience as well as the drivers.

Kickdown Competition at both editions in 2017

There will be a Kickdown Competition at both HondaFest events in 2017. Drivers are able to register in advance, to assure themselves of participation. Do you believe you could become the fastest driver of the day? Pre-register, participate and you might win the cheque to upgrade your brakes. Are you absolutely convinced you have what it takes? Sign up for both competitions in 2017 and become the 2017 StopTech Kickdown Champion.

HondaFest Kickdown 03  HondaFest Kickdown 05

StopTech Kickdown Competition regulation

We would like to make the StopTech Kickdown Competition accessible for every car enthusiasts but due to safety regulations, we have to set a few rules. For starters, every contestant has to read and live by the Kickdown Competition Regulations, to make sure that participation is an option. A short list of standard requirements can be found below.

  • At least 18 years of age
  • In possession of a valid driver’s license, which you’re able to show the crew on the day of the event
  • Your car must meet the MOT standards
  • Your car can not exceed the permissible noise limit of 92 dB

Sign up in advance and participate for free

Are you planning to join this activity at HondaFest? Sign up in advance and participate for free! Or would you rather decide on the day itself? Honda drivers cab sign up at the activity itself, during the event. The participation dee is € 5,- for each contestant. 

A € 250,- cheque for the winner!

Since brakes are an important aspect while sprinting in this competition, StopTech is giving away a cheque of € 250,- to the StopTech Kickdown Competition winner. The winner is able to spend his or her cheque at AKR Performance.

Join the StopTech Kickdown Competition

Would you like to take part in this sprinting competition? The participation fee is only € 5,- for each contestant. Interested? Send an email to Alyssa (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with the following information:

Drivers name:
Phone number:
Honda type:
License plate:
Note: please include a photo of your Honda and mention you're signing up for this activity on the 21st of May in Gorinchem.

StopTech for your Honda?

Curious about what StopTech has to offer for your Honda? Brakes are an important safety aspect of your car, as is maintaining your brakes. If you'd like to replace and/or upgrade them, you are able to check which brakes would fit your car, on the StopTech website.

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Program - 10 september 2017

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Kickdown Competition

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The Kickdown Competition is a popular activity amongst competitive Honda sprinters. Pre-register and be certain of a spot in the competition.