Individual paddock

HondaFest is a Honda event for all Honda enthusiasts. Even for those who aren’t a member of a Honda club, but would like to get a spot at the Honda Paddock and show their car to the visitors and other Honda enthusiasts. Naturally, we expect your Honda to be in good condition. To be able to make an estimated guess of the amount of Honda drivers that will participate at HondaFest, the organization asks everyone to sign up in advance. This way, we also hope to not have to disappoint any drivers due to a full paddock at the event itself.

Benefits of pre-registration

A pre-registration also assures you of a couple of advantages, since you're not only assuring yourself of a paddock space, you're also receiving a discount on your entry fee. All advantages can be found below.

  • A guaranteed spot on the paddock*
  • Free entry ticket for your Honda, which is usually € 5,-

Receiving a paddock card in advance, will save you as driver a simple € 5,- on your entry and it doesn't even cost a lot of effort. And since you're also assisting us, with giving us an estimation of how many Honda's we may expect, we’re able to divide the terrain properly.

Extra discount ticket pre-sale

Make sure to pre-order your entry tickets in the online ticket shop to receive an extra discount. The tickets will be send to you (by regular mail), which assures you of getting your entry tickets for HondaFest in advance. For any additional information, please visit the ticket information page.
Will you order your ticket prior to the 12th of March? You will receive a discount of € 5,- on each ticket, as well as a free HondaFest key chain! More information regarding this special offer can also be found on the ticket information page. Make sure to order your HondaFest tickets as soon as possible!

HondaFest club 10  HondaFest club 12

Get your HondaFest paddock card

Would you like to join the fifth anniversary of HondaFest in 2017? Sending in your registration is easy! Send an e-mail to Alyssa (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with the mentioned information and make sure to mention for which event you would like register your Honda.

Honda type:
License plate:
Note: please include a clear picture of your Honda and mention the individual paddock

After receiving your e-mail, we’ll send you a paddock card as soon as possible, so you’re able to enter the event terrain with your Honda. Replying to your email might of course take a few days, due to the amount of registrations we receive. If you haven’t received a reply within five days, please make sure to contact us regarding your application.

* if you arrive with your paddock card, at the register prior to 9:30 a.m., we assure you of a spot on the paddock

Program - 10 september 2017

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HondaFest 2017 partners

partner AKR Stoptech partner APEX Fullcartuning partner AVB sports
Supertune Partner OlieHandel Password JRwheels Skunk2racing

Track time

HondaFest vrijrijden 01
Always wanted to drive on a track, but never actually signed up for it? Book a track session during HondaFest Trackday and experience the thrill.


Strictly S2000

Strictly S2000 session
Are you bringing your S2000 to Meppen? Make sure to join the Strictly S2000 session on the track and drive amongst the other Honda S2000 owners.


Show & Shine

show shine meppen
Is your Honda a one of a kind model and do you believe it should win an award at the largest Honda event in Europe? Sign up for the Show & Shine! 


Kickdown Competition

HondaFest Kickdown 06
The Kickdown Competition is a popular activity amongst competitive Honda sprinters. Pre-register and be certain of a spot in the competition.