Club information

HondaFest is an event accessible for all Honda drivers, but has its main focus on Honda clubs. Clubs are able to take part in multiple activities at the event, as well as presenting their club to visitors and other participants. Selling club items is also allowed during the event.

Is every Honda club welcome to join the paddock?

Since HondaFest has its main focus on clubs, all Honda clubs are more than welcome to join the event. Still hesitant if your club is suitable for HondaFest? Please contact the HondaFest organization.

Is being an official club mandatory?

If a group of friends wants to sign up for HondaFest, they can also reserve a spot on the paddock. That there will be more than a few official clubs, doesn't mean it’s a term for participation. To simplify the communication between the clubs and the organization, each club has to appoint a club contact, which is the clubs main contact when it comes to all communication.

Discount for club members

The members of a club that has signed up in advance, are receiving a discount on the entry fee, since the paddock card (which has a value of € 5,- each) will be free of charge. And if the club decides to pre-order their tickets online, they will also receive a discount on the entry tickets. An easy way to save money! Get your tickets online: HondaFest web shop

Weekend tickets available online

Club members that would like to join the entire weekend, are advised to pre-order their weekend tickets in the online ticket shop. Weekend tickets are available since February 1st, for only € 35,- per ticket. What will you get in return, you ask? Entry to the event for both Saturday, as well as Sunday, free access to the party night (Saturday night), as well as a spot on the HondaFest campsite. Don't hesitate for too long, since there is a limited amount of weekend tickets available.

Book a club session at HondaFest Weekend

If there are multiple club members who’d like to take their Honda out for a spin, a club is able to book a complete track session on the circuit. Twenty Honda’s are able to drive on the track during each session and therefore this is the amount of club cars that need to sign up, if a club would like to book an entire session. If a club would like to join with less than 20 cars, they’re able to book part of the session. The remaining spots will be available for other participants. Each session will last for 20 minutes (including entering and leaving the track).

Enough space at Race Park Meppen?

The paddock at Race Park Meppen has enough space to host at least a 1.000 Honda’s. A side from the paddock area, some of the activities will take place on the track itself.

Minimum amount of cars?

Honda clubs or groups will have to sign up with at least 8 Honda's, if they would like to reserve a spot on the club paddock. Want to sign up a smaller group? Please send an e-mail in which you're asking for a 'Individual paddock card' and mention that you are signing up multiple participants who’d like to be placed together. For more information, check: Individual paddock

Is electricity available for clubs?

The terrain in Meppen has electricity for participants, which can be used if paid for. Since the power is only located on some parts of the paddock, we strongly advise clubs to bring their extension cords and request the electricity by informing the organization in advance.

How can I register my club for this Honda event?

Clubs contacts are able to sign up a club by contacting the organization. They can be reached by phone on +31 78 20 48 050 or by sending an email to Alyssa (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Club contact and would you like to know which information we need from you? At the club sign up page, you're able to discover how to sign up a club for this Honda weekend event in 2018.

HondaFest 2018 partners

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Track time

Book a track session during HondaFest Weekend
Have you always wanted to drive on a track with your own Honda, but have you never actually had the nurve? Book a track ticket for HondaFest and experience the thrill.


Honda EG Exclusive

Honda EG Exclusive
Are you bringing your Honda EG to Meppen? Make sure to join the Honda EG Exclusive theme, sign up for the parade and drive on the track amongst the other Honda EG owners.


Show & Shine

Join the Show & Shine competition at HondaFest Weekend
Do you own a unique Honda or a one of a kind Honda project and do you believe it should win an award at the largest Honda event in Europe? Sign up for the Show & Shine. 


Honda Drag Night

Honda Sprint Night at HondaFest Weekend
A new activity during HondaFest Weekend is the Honda Drag Night. This sprint competition will take place on the track, on Saturday evening. Pre-register and be certain of participation.