Honda Retro Parade

During the HondaFest Trackday at Race Park Meppen, there will be an exclusive track session meant for all Honda youngtimer drivers. Thirty youngtimer drivers are able to access the track in convoy, during this Retro Parade. Are you the owner of a Honda youngtimer and would you like to join this session? Make sure to sign up in advance, there are only 30 spots available. And since speed won’t be the main focus of this activity, we’re expecting a lot of unique photos of these youngtimers.

Which Honda models are welcome?

Only Honda cars are allowed on the track during the parade. Honda bikes may unfortunately not participate. All car models, which are produced prior to 1992, are able to sign up for this special theme. For example the Civic generations 1 to 4, but also the CRX, Prelude, Jazz, Accord, Legend, City, S800, S600, etc. Is your model not on the list and are you curious if you’re able to join? Please contact the organization for more information.

HondaFest retro circuit 03  HondaFest retro circuit 04

What's the reason for a Retro Parade?

During this track edition of HondaFest, we would like to share the Honda history with the new generation of Honda enthusiasts. Some of the retro features can be found in a lot of the Hondas that are produced these days. And in addition, a lot of these unique retro models, will make sure there will be a lot of amazing photos made during this track event.

Sign up your Honda youngtimer

Are you the owner of a Honda youngtimer and would you like to enter the Retro Parade, a side from joining this track event? By applying for a spot in advance, your Retro Parade track session in Meppen will be free of charge*. Contestants can send in their registration up to a week prior to the event, or until all the spots are taken.

Honda type:
License plate:
Track participation: yes/no
Note: we would like to receive a clear photo of your Honda youngtimer

If there are any places left, you’re also able to sign up on the day of the event itself. The participation costs are then € 10,- for each participant.

HondaFest retro circuit 02  HondaFest retro circuit 01

Parade fully booked, or rather a spot on the paddock?

If the Retro Parade is fully booked, or if you wouldn’t like to be a part of the parade on the track, you’re still able to sign up your youngtimer for the Retro Parade Paddock at the HondaFest Trackday. Joining the paddock is free of charge. Each pre-registered participant will receive a paddock card for this area.

* only covering your participation in the Retro Parade, you still need an entry ticket to access the event itself

Program - 10 september 2017

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