Honda NSX Gathering

Honda NSX introAt last, the new Honda NSX was finally presented last year. And that makes this edition the perfect timing to dedicate a theme to this sport model. Despite the fact that the production of the first model started in 1990, this NSX never gotten any less popular amongst the Honda enthusiasts. However did the NSX become a rare model to find these days. Nevertheless, the incredible amount of over 20 NSX drivers joined the first NSX Gathering at HondaFest in 2014.


Collaboration with NSX Club Europe (NSX-CE)

In order to promote this theme amongst all NSX owners, we have started a collaboration with NSX Club Europe. The clubs chairmen, Bas van Melis en Dimer van Santen, have been driving their own NSX models for years. They have started the NSX Club Europe, in order to unite all European NSX drivers, to be able to share their joint passion for these incredible cars. After organizing their own club tour for five years in a row, they have decided to skip this year’s tour. And that immediately is the main reason for the collaboration between NSX-CE and HondaFest.

Honda NSX 01 Honda NSX 02

Register with your Honda or Acura NSX

A part of the paddock will be reserved for all participants of this NSX theme. Are you the lucky owner of a NSX, whether this is the newest model, or the first generation? Make sure to join this exclusive theme. In order to register your Honda NSX, please make sure to contact Alyssa. She can be reached by phone (+31 78 20 48 050) or by mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We would appreciate to receive at least one photo of the participating NSX, along with the registration.

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Track session: yes / no

NSX track session at Race Park Meppen

An entire track session will also be reserved at Race Park Meppen, so all NSX drivers are able drive some laps together (with no other Honda models on the track during this session). This session is not meant to determine which NSX is able to set the fastest lap time, but is reserved for the media to capture this unique moment. Because let’s be honest, what’s more impressive than a group of NSXes on a track, at the same time? A spot in this session, can be reserved in advanced, by emailing the organization.
Honda NSX 03  Honda NSX 04

HondaFest 2018 partners

partner AKR Stoptech partner APEX Fullcartuning partner AVB sports
Supertune Oliehandel Password JRwheels Skunk2racing

Track time

Book a track session during HondaFest Weekend
Have you always wanted to drive on a track with your own Honda, but have you never actually had the nurve? Book a track ticket for HondaFest and experience the thrill.


Honda EG Exclusive

Honda EG Exclusive
Are you bringing your Honda EG to Meppen? Make sure to join the Honda EG Exclusive theme, sign up for the parade and drive on the track amongst the other Honda EG owners.


Show & Shine

Join the Show & Shine competition at HondaFest Weekend
Do you own a unique Honda or a one of a kind Honda project and do you believe it should win an award at the largest Honda event in Europe? Sign up for the Show & Shine. 


Honda Drag Night

Honda Sprint Night at HondaFest Weekend
A new activity during HondaFest Weekend is the Honda Drag Night. This sprint competition will take place on the track, on Saturday evening. Pre-register and be certain of participation.