Hondafest Gorinchem nieuwsFive years ago, HondaFest had its first edition, with over 900 Honda’s in Venlo. On the 21st of May, we had the chance to celebrate our five year anniversary, with over 1.650 Honda’s. People flew in and/or drove to Gorinchem from America, Russia, Romania, Poland, Denmark, England, and so on! We’ve received the most amazing feedback from the scene, regarding the location and quality of the show cars.

Hondafest Gorinchem nieuws 02Since HondaFest was already over a week ago, everybody would like to get the photo impression of the event. Therefore, we’re working on the HondaFest gallery at this moment. We will collect all photos from the photographers this week, after which we will select the best ones for the gallery. 

Honda alle modellenAre you a Honda enthusiast that likes to go to Honda events? Make sure to be at Evenementen Gorinchem this Sunday, where the fifth anniversary of HondaFest will be celebrated. HondaFest is the largest Honda only event in Europe, where all enthusiasts and owners are welcome, regardless of the type or model they’re driving. Make sure to sign up in advance, and receive a paddock card for your Honda.

Handling course HondaFest 2017Multiple activities can be found on the paddock during the event. For many HondaFest visitors, the StopTech Kickdown Competition and the APEX Handling Course have become well-known activities. Each driver, regardless of their experience, can find an activity to join. Sign up for one of the activities during the event, or make sure to send an email with your registration, prior to Friday the 19th.

HondaFest infoHondaFest will have its five year anniversary in 2017. On the 21st of May, this HondaFest anniversary will be celebrated in the Evenementenhal Gorinchem (NL). The dedicated Honda event will take place in a part of the event halls, as well as outdoor on the paddock. A variety of Honda companies will display the latest trends and new products. As a true Honda enthusiast, you cannot miss this Honda event!

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HondaFest 2017 partners

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Supertune Partner OlieHandel Password JRwheels Skunk2racing

Honda EK vs FN Record

Thema EK WRA
Are you a Honda Civic EK owner? Reserve a spot at the EK Record attempt at HondaFest! Will we gather the most EK’s?


Handling Course

Handling course
Action and reaction, that’s what the Handling Course is all about. Participate in this exciting slalom competition. We dare you!


Indoor - Honda Top 50

Thema top50
Are you convinced that your car belongs in the Indoor Honda Top 50? Register as soon as possible and your Honda might get selected.


Kickdown Competition

The Kickdown Competition is a popular activity amongst competitive Honda sprinters. Pre-register and be certain of a spot in the competition.