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HondaFest gives exhibitors the opportunity to introduce their products and services to a young and active public. With a dynamic crowd and an expanding market in Honda fanatics, HondaFest may be seen as highlight of the year. HondaFest creates the opportunity to present your products, sampling, direct selling and introducing brands. With two events in 2017, HondaFest has very interesting participation rates.

Interested? View the HondaFest Trackday 2017 participation form and book your exhibitor area today.

HondaFest brochure

Due to the size of our Honda events, we find it difficult to properly illustrate our events in just a few sentences. Therefore, we have chosen to create a HondaFest brochure, in which we have displayed all the information regarding the events. This brochure can be viewed digitally (as a pdf file) by clicking the following link: HondaFest Trackday brochure 

Exhibitor stand (starting at € 185,-)

If you’re interested in one of the many options HondaFest offers, you’re able to book an exhibitor area in two different ways. To book an exhibitor area at HondaFest, please download and fill out our participation form. If you’re interested in one of the many other options that HondaFest has to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

HondaFest bedrijven 08  HondaFest bedrijven 02

35% discount on second event by double booking

If you’re interested in participating at both Honda events, HondaFest Gorinchem and HondaFest Trackday in Meppen, we advise you to book both events at once. This way, you will get a 35% discount* on your booking for HondaFest Trackday. This 35% discount is valid up to two weeks prior to the event, after which the regular participating rates will be charged. Only interested in participating at HondaFest in Gorinchem? Visit the exhibitor information page for more information regarding this event.

More information?

For further information, please contact Brian Klifman. He can be reached by phone on +31 78 20 48 050 or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here for the exhibitor participation form HondaFest Trackday – 10 September 2017
Click here for the terms and regulations

* the discount will be given over the booked exhibitor area and is only valid on a similar booking

Program - 10 september 2017

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HondaFest 2017 partners

partner AKR Stoptech partner APEX Fullcartuning partner AVB sports
Supertune Partner OlieHandel Password JRwheels Skunk2racing

Track time

HondaFest vrijrijden 01
Always wanted to drive on a track, but never actually signed up for it? Book a track session during HondaFest Trackday and experience the thrill.


Strictly S2000

Strictly S2000 session
Are you bringing your S2000 to Meppen? Make sure to join the Strictly S2000 session on the track and drive amongst the other Honda S2000 owners.


Show & Shine

show shine meppen
Is your Honda a one of a kind model and do you believe it should win an award at the largest Honda event in Europe? Sign up for the Show & Shine! 


Kickdown Competition

HondaFest Kickdown 06
The Kickdown Competition is a popular activity amongst competitive Honda sprinters. Pre-register and be certain of a spot in the competition.